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man this is fantastic

this song had me clutching for oversized lollipops and giggling in my frilly alto. it's very elegant composition, the kind that has the power to reduce a grown man into a young japanese schoolgirl.

This style of music appeals to me

this is amazing orchestration. the work that went into this must have been tremendous. I'm very impressed

this is so beautiful

your voice is angelic!

giftedbuttwisted responds:


great galloping gators and antelopes...

i was going to describe this song as GODLY but then i scrolled down the page and realized i would look like a copycat

but oh my gentle sweet loving mary and joseph this is fucking godly

fuck yes

i was a big fan of the demo you put up for this song a while back, and have been eagerly waiting to hear the rest of it

the playful melody is immediately vibrant and very engaging. your choice to build and elaborate upon that melody instead of looping minor variants gives it a lot of character. At around :16, when the song dives into the heavy bass hits, it sounds so amazingly hardcore, i have a fuck yes moment every time i hear it

but if i might suggest, i liked the intro better before you lowered it an octave. i thought that the way the higher notes came at me sounded more crisp and intense. but this is really just nitpicking

very distinct work, i'm very excited to hear more from you

Desyre responds:

Thank you... and I agree about the pitch higher... talk to envy about it lol :D

beautiful day indeed

it's got all the makings of a classic right from the start. serene and expressive, i could listen to this for hours. and i have.

christ almighty

what astonishing quality

this is so intense, you've bitchslapped the friday night calm right out of me


this is amazing. i wish people would appreciate how amazing this is. it's amazing.


brought back some fond memories.

was this produced by a score writer? I always think lively songs like this need a touch of live performance to really bring out their magic. Nonetheless, this is top notch score writing

alix1 responds:

Thank you very much for the review!
I found the sheet music online and did it in Fruity Loops!

i'd drink to that

how enjoyable. i think some frilly strings and winds ensemble would work for a synth substitute. might make it a bit more lively and give it a touch of the renaissance

Romwell responds:

Thanks ! Re-doing it with classical instruments instead of synths is one of the things I keep postponing for too long.

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